Monday, September 21, 2009

Re-cap 9/14/09-9/20/09

I was a good human this week. Productive, receptive AND, I got to have pizza and beer (my favy). Let's recapitulate:

*Spent another six hours in the studio this week for class, one of which resulted in many technical errors. "It's part of the game," I told my brain, so I rewrote a plan for the next three sessions in order to stay on task.

*I met with Scott Wyatt this week to go over the three audio replacment videos I made. Although he had a lot of adivce with regard to the engineering, his encouragement lead me to feel I am moving in the right direction. The basics of the conversation were; use the space, highlight visual changes and make it louder! Louder? Oh, yes, much louder.

*As per my earlier post, I won my first sound design bid for the Bikram Yoga gym. Exciting? That's affirmative. I'm still waiting to hear back from another bid, but you never know how these Indie Gamer projects will turn out. Stay tuned for more.

*I began work over the weekend for a composition contest. The goals include the following:
This year we'll have first, second and third place winners. First place will get $100, second place gets $75 and third place gets $50. Each winner will be able to select a book, CD or other type of resource that deals with audio, music, sound, production or game development of their choice. The goal behind the contest is to give new(er) composers the chance to have their material heard by industry pros, gain some exposure and get another chance to support a game.

So, for the contest we must:
1) All music in the score must be written by you and only you.
2) Only one submission per person. Any one can take part in the contest! The contest is free to join.
3) All submissions must be received by 10 PM Mountain time on Oct. 7th 2009.
4) All submissions must in OGG or WAV format as these are the only two formats that will work with the game engine.
5) Please include your screen name as well as your real name when submitting your materials. This helps me keep everything straight and in order.

The goal is to write two tracks (one idle, one combative) for a horror First-Person Shooter game. I'm almost done with number one and will get number two out the door, hopefully, within the next two weeks. Wish me luck!

*Ok, last bit of news (gosh I talk a lot). I am in the process of negotiating with two separate groups to write music (and SFX) for the games. I don't have much detail, but one of them is looking to go to Game Developers Conference once the game is complete. Exciting, exciting!

Well, enough for now. I will hopefully have more audio posted within the next few weeks and more news to come for sure. Again, it's nice to 'see' you here. Feel free to come in and watch TV whenever you want!

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