Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hownagl do you do?

Since there are approximately 133,000,000 blogs in existence, I considered, reconsidered and subsequently re-reconsidered doing one of my own. I mean really, what could I say that couldn't be said elsewhere? You said it already. She's said it. Hell, even that guy selling grilled steak on Green Street has almost said it. Know what I'm sayin'?

This attitude, however, is not that of a creative-type nor of an optimist, two things which I consider myself to be. After all, looking forward and acting on those lookings willingly takes courage and, well, will power. Or is it William power? Or does he go by Bill? Hrmmm...

So, here goes.

The idea is multiple-fold. And, in true blog fashion, I've made a list to make sense of it all. Listen:
  1. I have always wanted a way to compartmentalize sites, tools, downloads, conversations et al in order to access information handily. AND, I want to share them with whomever may want/need them. So as I discover said interestings, I will be keeping track of them on the right-hand column (unless the damn site changes, then it might be somewhere else).
  2. Secondofly, I've always wanted to centralize my audio/visual items, both to share with the community and to hear feedback/criticism. You may use the embedded media player to play streaming versions of these items, and higher quality files will be uploaded in the future. Please don't be shy, though, with your responses. What you hear and say will be welcomed with open eyes, ears and virtual arms :)
  3. Most importantly, I've wanted a way to hold myself accountable to my daily actions. After all, the subtitle above suggests that. This means that I will be sharing weekly updates to my work at home, in class and other relevant experiences along the way. I'm thinking of calling it a 'recap' of the week if you Bill, I mean will...or won't. I mean, it doesn't really matter (it does).
That's essentially 'it.'

Things, I'm sure, will change during this process and I intend to provide more than just information, links and work updates. I hope to include entries with fun and interesting articles, anecdotes of note, and occasional trivia that may or may not be stimulating and may or may not be trivial.

So, if you like what you read, have suggestions or want more of 'this' or 'that,' please do not hesitate to contact me via this blog (via comments) or email (grhufnagl at gmail dot com). I'm all ears (and other sensory body parts).

Many Gratefuls,


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