Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Celebrity Worth Stalking


I wanted to take some time away from audio to just give a brief kudos to a collection of short stories I've recently read and have given me that inspirational "wow" factor. Written by the mucho talented Kevin Fanning, Jennifer Love Hewitt Times Infinity is a foray into the mythology of our aforementioned actress heroine that is surreal, emotional and always engaging. Did you know that the Hewitt battles demons? What about her legends as a ghost? What about the hole in the side of her stomach? Please consult this book on all things Jennifer.

I've known Kevin for nearly seven years now, and I've been consistently intrigued and interested by his use of the ever-evolving internet speak. His use of language pulls me in and he writes what I imagine in sound. As a matter of fact, working with Kevin on a collaborative project has made it to my list of 28 things to do before my next birthday. I hope we can sort it out :)

I HIGHLY recommend giving this at least one read, if not three. You can see Kevin's other musings and other ventures into awesomeness at http://kevinfanning.com/.


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