Wednesday, January 27, 2010

28 Missions to Accomplish Before January 27th, 2011.

Playing the last year in rewind has really been a great exercise in realizing that, although there isn't a lot of material evidence, significant change has arisen and I am heading in a postive direction. The actions of last year have created the needed energy to move forward, develop new ideas, obtain new skills and focus on some new tasks for life.

Therefore, as a reflection of those aforementioned reflections and on birthday wishes, I have set a plan of action in mind to give my future self reason to once again, rewind to today. They are:

1. Upgrade my studio at home in a meaningful way.

2. Create an impressive and killer demo reel.

3. Learn FMOD and Wwise through practical application.

4. Obtain a fulltime, entry-level audio position at one of the following venues: game developer, post-production sound design studio. Or, work under the tutelage of professional composer.

5. Work on a project that requires voice-over direction.

6. Become more comfortable and adept with recording equipment and techniques.

7. Complete a collaborative work with creative writer and friend, Kevin Fanning.

8. Update my resume.

9. Move out of our current apartment into at least a two-bedroom domicile.

10. See my wife, Madeline, graduate from her advertising program.

11. Put on an awesome presentation at my nephew Matthew’s pre-school in April.

12. Complete my first paid video game audio gig.

13. Establish at least 5 new, long-term professional relationships.

14. Attend at least one concert of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

15. Develop a taste for wine.

16. Read another Cormac McCarthy book.

17. Develop three new ideas for concert art pieces.

18. Visit friends in another state.

19. Write a personal statement.

20. Create a professional website.

21. Save enough money to attend GDC 2011.

22. Buy another pair of brown shoes.

23. See a popular performing artist live in concert.

24. Participate in another family grab bag, but this time buying as few lame gifts as possible (see: purchase of Tupperware).

25. Rid myself of extraneous CDs (e.g. Chumbawumba), chords, boxes, etc. while organizing what’s helpful into helpful compartments.

26. Purchase furniture to aid in accomplishing #25.

27. Purchase an art book that features the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

28. Become addicted to five new artists’ music.

Let's do it in 365.

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