Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 x 5 Interview with Sean Beeson

In Fives:

1) In exactly five sentences, give us what you feel is important biographical information about your musical/sonic background.

I have always had a fascination with technology, and was practically born playing video games. At a very young age, I began composing, and later decided to combine my love of games, technology, and music. While I am conservatory trained, I am mostly self-taught. My first foray into game audio was creating a music replacement mod for Morrowind. (The Morrowind Orchestra: Opus 1) Since then I have scored dozens of games across all platforms.

2) Please state, in exactly five words, your interest in music/sound.

Harnessesable Transcending Wordless Image-Provoking Emotions (Did I do that right? haha)

3) Now please state, in exactly five syllables, how you might describe your process of work.


In Fours:

1) Using the rhythm of the famous four-note opening to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, please tell us a fact about you that we may not know.

I like to coooooook

2) Who are four people that have influenced your musical tastes?

Debussy, Van Halen, Bela Bartok, Scott Joplin

3) Name your preference: The Fab Four, The Four Tops or just good ol' Four-on-the-floor music?

4 on da Floor!

In Threes:

1) Name three artists (composers, popular music, etc.) that make you feel all warm and squishy inside.

Halloween Music, David Haas, Anything that mocks music from 1950's tv shows (Raymond Scott - think Ren and Stimpy)

2) Name three artists that make you want to wretch.

Early Haydn, Early Mozart, Early Sean Beeson :P

3) Address either three of your listed artists (in either category) with one question each or three questions to one artist.

1. Haydn... I know you as part of your job, you had to write a LOT of music. But why so unoriginal? I am not surprised even by your surprise symphony!

2. Mozart, were you poisoned? Did you REALLY write your first pieces that young?

3. What were you thinking!! You should have chosen a different career haha

In Twos:

1) List and describe two projects on which you're currently working.

Steam Pirates and The Mangler

2) And how are they both going?

Great, I am far ahead of schedule, which although not rare, is quite an accomplishment seeing as how my wife and I moved and had a baby in the same week!

3) How do you feel they are challenging your current skill set?

Both games are requiring rather laid-back (yet thematically driven) scores. The music plays a large role, but finding a medium where my score can be 'heard' without being too present, is a constant challenge.

In Ones:

1) Name one environmental element of the creative process that you find essential (e.g. coffee, a certain chair, etc.)

Shoes. Decent sample libraries, and coffee are great, room lighting is a close second, but I must have a great pair of shoes! If I don't wear shoes I just feel like I haven't "gone" to work.

2) What is one area in which you hope to improve your work?

Effectiveness of my writing. Brevity and simplicity is an important trait in music, and many times I find my scores to have content that is not used to its full potential.

3) What is one thing you would like people to know when listening to your work?

I enjoy writing music! With every piece, I try to create a musical journey, and I hope that those who listen can feel my excitement in my creations.