Monday, October 5, 2009

Incoming Interviews: The 3 x 5

In an effort to get to know people and create a wider community for myself and others, I have put together an interview called the 3 x 5. Its aim is to not only learn more about the interviewee, but to stimulate creativity in thought process and answers and also learn more about each other (e.g. how we think, what our creative goals are, our working process, etc.).

My goal is to collect responses from a wide range of composers, sound designers, audio programmers, etc. and publish the results on my blog for all to see. My hope is to have enough responses so as to post a new interview each week.

I'm not biased as to who is to be interviewed (students to seasoned pros), so long as there is passion and an open-mind to the interview questions.
I've already received a handful of responses and will begin posting them this week, but if you feel like being taken to task and want to be considered for an interview, shoot me an email at grhufnagl (at) gmail (dot) com and I will speak with you about the process.

Check back in a few days for the first interview along with some great music. Happy listening!

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