Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reel Good Sounds

I have FINALLY put together two sound reels instead of using nebulous bits and pieces of work for demonstration purposes. In the Soundcloud player above, you can listen to some of my sound design work from the past 8 months and music from as far back as 2005. Some notes are listed below.

Music Reel

I am looking forward to the day when I can actually have some great software synths, but until then, I'm making do with what I have :)

There are a total of twelve excerpts in just under five minutes including some of my recent game work, some unattached work (meaning it wasn't written for a specific game) and some live concert work to demonstrate some of my acoustic instrumental writing. What's included -

Software: Pro Tools LE 7.4, Audacity, Leafcutter John's Forester | Hardware: EMU PK-6, MBOX 2, Sony Minidisc Recorder | Additional: Library SFX for additional musical effect, light library percussion

Live Performance Excerpts

And Still, Between - Bruce Briney, Trumpet; Rick Kurasz, Percussion

Prairie Spring - Kelsey Williams, Soprano; John Griffin, Piano

Color Variations - Western Illinois Symphony Orchestra

Sound Design Reel

This is a pastiche of sound effects (most of which have been included in games), voice-over work (including editing and direction) and sound design via hard synth programming (accomplished through Unisyn).

Software: Pro Tools LE 7.4, Digital Performer 5, Audacity, Unisyn | Recording: AT2020, AT4040 Condenser Mics | Hardware: EMU PK-6, Yamaha TX81Z, Kurzweil K2000, MBOX 1 & 2, External Reverb Units | Additional equipment: DAT Recorder, Library SFX

Voice-over Excerpts

I Dream of Lingua Amphibiana – written by Janani Sreenivasan; Voice-over by Matt Fear and Lauren Denofrio

Flatulatch – written by Janani Sreenivasan; Voice-over by Kevin Fanning and Eric Brooks

Welcome to LAS – written by George Hufnagl; Voice-over by Lauren Denofrio

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