Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 x 5 Interview with Henrik Nåmark

"Things are made slowly and in pain."
/ Hugh MacLeod (gapingvoid)

In Fives:

1) In exactly five sentences, give us what you feel is important biographical information about your musical/sonic background.

My mother's been singing and playing the guitar all my life. I guess that's why I feel so comfortable when I sing and play myself. For some reason I've been selected to do the sound design in every project that needed audio. I've done voiceovers for short films and trailers and sound design for games and student movies. Like many others I started with music a long time ago but understood that since I'm not an orchestral composer I might as well do sound design too.

2) Please state, in exactly five words, your interest in music/sound.

It speaks to the heart.

3) Now please state, in exactly five syllables, how you might describe your process of work.

Slowly and in pain.

In Fours:

1) Using the rhythm of the famous four-note opening to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (i.e. short, short, short, looong), please tell us a fact about you that we may not know.

I climb indoooooors.

2) Who are four people that have influenced your musical tastes?

André 3000, Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, Al Jarreau and Bobby Brown.

3) Name your preference: The Fab Four, The Four Tops or just good ol' Four-on-the-floor music?

The Four Tops.

In Threes:

1) Name three artists (composers, popular music, etc.) that make you feel all warm and squishy inside.

Al Jarreau, Richard Bona and Michael Jackson.

2) Name three artists that make you want to wretch.

Los Del Rio (Macarena), Dr. Bombay and Aqua.

3) Address either three of your listed artists (in either category) with one question each or three questions to one artist.

Dear Mr Jarreau, are you really that great to women or is it just a jargon?

Hey mr Bona, would you kindly tell me what the beautiful song "Eyala" is about?

Michael, did you really molest those children?

In Twos:

1) List and describe two projects on which you're currently working.

I'm currently writing my thesis about sound design. As it looks we're going to evaluate a few middleware tools from a software perspective. Unfortunately I don't have a music or sound design project at the moment so feel free to contact me :)

2) And how are they both going?

The thesis is coming along slowly but surely. The other non-existant project is what it is ;)

3) How do you feel they are challenging your current skill set?

I'm learning a lot about middleware which is improving my understanding about the tools.

In Ones:

1) Name one environmental element of the creative process that you find essential.

Other creative people.

2) What is one area in which you hope to improve your work?

Sound design.

3) What is one thing you would like people to know when listening to your work?

Don't take life too serious, it's a video game anyway :)

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